We are a team of 6 diverse Master of Public Health students, at Western University. Our initiative is a social media campaign about depression, targeted at college and university students. We are passionate about promoting health, helping others, and changing lives for the better, one step at a time.

Humans of Depression is dedicated to educating, raising awareness, and breaking the stigma surrounding depression. It is our belief that identification and intervention can help students get the help they need and empower them to lead healthy productive lives.

Our mission is to promote early prevention, recognition, and management of depression among students, in order to have open dialogues between friends, families, and healthcare professionals towards better management of depression.

A quick fact to reflect on is that ‘During the Middle Ages, mentally ill people were seen to be under the influence of the devil or other evil spirits’

Where do you think we stand today? Do we all really know what is depression? Why it happens? Is it sadness or taking one’s life or somewhere in between? Can we truly overcome it?

They are all valid questions which we promise to address and reflect upon with you, throughout our campaign.

So stay tuned because coming up in our next blog, Monday January 26th, we will try to understand together ‘what is depression?’

Until then remember that “Everyday is a new beginning”.

Humans of Depression

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HumansofDepression

Twitter: @HumansofD https://twitter.com/HumansofD

Instagram: http://instagram.com/humansofdepression/

Reference: http://facts.randomhistory.com/random-facts-about-depression.html


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