The Identity of a Postsecondary Student

Going to or returning to university or college is exciting, frightening and a new beginning. Many students move to new cities, several may live on residence or in student housing, some have meal plans, some may cook for themselves, others work, and have family obligations. Not to forget our responsibilities as student from assignments to reading. Many students would agree that although you may try to plan out your semester, some events are just unexpected. Time can move truly slow or extremely fast and in joggling your student responsibilities with daily life, stress can accumulate. Many students experience feelings of discouragement, loss of interest, worthlessness, anxious, sad, and sleep disturbance. If these feelings last for weeks or interfere with your daily life it may be depression. Students are resilient. We can adapt to change, multitask, and cope under pressure but sometimes we need help and mentoring. Attaining mental and physical wellness are subjective health states to each individual. Everyone’s health journey is unique, be sensitive to others, and help stop the stigma on depression.

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Start by understanding yourself. What is your student identity? The My Health, My Life Framework is a tool that involves self-reflection. Start by drawing an “X” or circle on areas that may be affecting your health. Ask yourself why or why not. Click the following link to access the framework.

~Vanessa, Humans of Depression Representative

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