Myths About Depression

There are several myths about depression. To stop the stigma associated with depression lets start my recognizing some of them:

Myth: Fact

  1. Depression only affects women.

Depression affects all ages and gender. “For 10–15% of men and 15–25% of women, a depressed mood can persist and become a significant mental health problem, called clinical or major depression” 2.

  1. Depression is a normal part of life.

Sadness is a normal part of life. A depressive state lasting longer than two weeks that interferes with daily activity is a mental condition 1.

  1. People with depression are just lazy.

No one chooses to be depressed. Depression hinders social and functional activities.

  1. An episode of depression can only occur once.

Every individual is unique. Some people have one acute episode, others have several episodes or occurrence can be over a lifetime 1. Depression can be treated and managed, people do recover.

  1. If you depressed the only treatment are antidepressants.

Depression is individualistic. Treatment and management regimen are specific to each individual. Some treatment options include psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. Learn more about depression treatment in future blogs.

Depression affects people globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 350 million people live with depression 3. Depression commonly affects more women than men 3. Several factors contribute to depression. Yet, depression is treatable and manageable. Continue to expand your knowledge, spread awareness, and stop the stigma. Humans of Depression welcome you back next week for continued learning and promotion on depression. Check out the link below:

~Vanessa, Humans of Depression Representative

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