Study shows that inflammation may be a potential cause of depression

Although there are still lots of ambiguity behind pathology of depression, research now shed some light on what could be happening to the brain for those with depression. Researchers from Center of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) compared brain scans of 20 participants with depression to 20 participants without and they found that those with depression had 30% more inflammation in the brain.1 This is consistent with the findings that patients who have lupus, a systemic inflammatory disease, were more likely to develop clinical depression.2

The research shows a potential target for antidepressant drugs and treatment, but more research is required to elucidate the link between inflammation and depression. What is also important is that by showing there is a physical change in the brains of those that are depressed help eliminate the stigma on depression that it is “within someone’s control” and help emphasize its legitimacy.

~Mei Wen, Humans of Depression Representative

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  1. Steve Volk. Philadephia. “Tragedy of Madison Holleran and Suicides at Penn” Retrieved from

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