Youth, Technology And Depression


Since I became computer savvy and started using it, this opened vistas of knowledge to me but simultaneously I start thinking that this is taking me away from the social interactions, which remained part and parcel of human being since the time immemorial. I always contemplated that the generation which is growing up now particularly after 1990’s, may not be able to inculcate the feeling of closeness we have with our relatives, peers etc.

In my curiosity I found a article which says that in which study from Sweden concluded its result as ” in young women, high combined use of computer and mobile phone at baseline was associated with increased risk of reporting prolonged stress and symptoms of depression at follow-up, and number of short message service (SMS) messages per day was associated with prolonged stress. Also online chatting was associated with prolonged stress, and e-mailing and online chatting were associated with symptoms of depression, while Internet surfing increased the risk of developing sleep disturbances. And for young men, number of mobile phone calls and SMS messages per day were associated with sleep disturbances. SMS use was also associated with symptoms of depression. The findings suggest that “Internet and Communication Technology” may have an impact on psychological health, although causal mechanisms are unclear”. (Sara Thomée, 2007).

Thus I found a research which took me further in my thought with concrete results depicting how this technology is taking away not only from social interactions but also leading to more complex psychological problems. My further quest in this area led me in finding another piece of literature with the caption of “Technology Leads to Anxiety and Depression” which  shows basically that being on facebook for a long time could cause depression. Also people get depressed because they stress things they can’t control for example internet not working , phone frozen , etc. Another reason that technology could cause depression because every time a brand new a piece of technology comes out the people have to learn how to use it. Also because some people feel kind of stupid when new technology comes out. According to Dr. Stephen Westmoreland, a Psychologist in Tyler who says, “even with new technology to make life easier, stress has sky rocketed over the years.”  because when everyone gets a new technology they have to go through a tutorial of how to use it and not knowing how to use something you own could become stressful and cause depression. (Shamoon, 2009)

From all the information I learned that technology got its positive and negatives sides. The positive thing is advancing how we do things now  days, but the negatives are that its stressful situations which sometimes comes and which we don’t realize. Computer savvy youth must remain aware of these unforeseen consequences and must recognize the importance of real social interactions, which are innate part of human nature.


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