Depression in Men

Depression is not a gender specific disorder. All genders can relate to depression. Today, focus of discussion is depression in men. Men commonly have feelings of irritability, anger and discouragement 1. Male depression often undiagnosed because of failure to recognize symptoms, reluctance to discuss and often downplay their symptoms3. Men are more likely to complete suicide. Jack Windeler was a Queen University student, who had battled with mental illness2. He was a victim depression. He struggled to maintain academics, go to classes and eventually isolated himself 2. Unfortunately, his worsening depression was unnoticed and Jack committed suicide in March 20102. In memory of Jack, the Jack Project was founded to provide a youth help line aimed to decrease stigma associated with mental health and promote mental wellness2. The Jack Project become is truly an inspiring charity, sustaining youth leadership and breaking the silence on mental health discussion. Visit the following link to learn more about program and initiatives.

~Vanessa, Humans of Depression Representative

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